Doctoral students, Pittsburgh (main adviser)

Jessica Gogan, Contemporary Curatorship and Museum Education

Nadav Hochman, Massive Data Visualization

Henry Skerritt, Contemporary Indigenous Art

Ben Ogrodnik, Experimental Film

Nicole Scalissi, Apparent Violence in contemporary art

Madeline Eschenburg, Contemporary Chinese Art (with Gao Minglu)

Marina Tyguenigo, Indigenous Art


PhD committees

Nicole Coffineau, Nineteenth Century Photography

Paulina del Pardo, Latin American Art

Meredith North, German Pop

Alexandra Oliver, Critical Realism in Photography

Natalia Rentz, History of Modern Societies of Photography

Aaron Tachinelli, Conceptual Architecture

Bradley Fest, The Apocalypse Archive: American Literature and the Nuclear Bomb (graduated 2013)

Annie Krieg, Neomedievalism in Nazi Germany (graduated 2009)

Maria d’Annibile, Verona and Italian Fascist Spectacle

April Eiseman, Bernard Heisig and East German Art  (graduated 2006)

Jessica Glaser, East German Design (discontinued)

Karla Heubner, Toyen and Czech Surrealism (graduated 2008)

Cindy Persinger, Meyer Schapiro, art historian (graduated 2007)


External student

Gigi Dillon, Duke University, Hygenics and Architecture: Germany and Britain, 1920s-1940s (2007)


Graduated PhDs

Cristina Albu, The Mirror Affect in Art since the 1960s (graduated 2012)

Robert Bailey, Conceptual Art: Art & Language, New York (graduated 2013)

Brianne Cohen, Envisioning Europe: Hirschhorn, Faroki, Henry VIII Wives (graduated 2012)

Izabel Galliera, Central and East European Art Collectives (graduated 2013)

Caroline Butler-Palmer, David Neel (co-advisor) 2007

Miguel Rojas, History of the Havana Biennale 2009

Graduated Masters, Pittsburgh

Robert Bailey, Literature of Conceptual Art
Cristina Albu, Contemporary ecological art
Gerald Harnett, Guy Debord and detourment
Miguel Rojas, Latin American counter-colonial art
Catherine Murphy, Self-portraits by woman artists
Rocio Nogales, Gitano aesthetics

Research dissertations and theses: University of Sydney

Graduated PhDs:
Dougal Phillips, The Real in Postmodern Painting
Blair French, Photonarrative in Contemporary Australian art (Publication 2007)
Graeme Byrne, Social Engineering: The Snowy Mountain Scheme
Eloise Lindsay, Performance and Painting in Australian Art since 1970 (2000)
Keith McEnomy, Design and Contingency (1999)
Heather Johnson, Modernism and Women Artists, Sydney 1920s and 1930s (1997)
Benjamin Genocchio, Latin American Art as a Construction (1997)
Catherine de Lorenzo, Photoethnography: Images of Australian Aborigines (1995)
Geoff Batchen, Photogramatology: a study in the history and theory of photography (1991).  Publication MIT Press 1997.
Annette van den Bosch, The Art Market, New York and Sydney, 1940-90 (1990) Sydney, Allen & Unwin
Mary Mackay, The Geological Sublime: A New Paradigm (1991) (joint)
Catriona Moore, Aspects of Feminist Photography in Australia 1972 -1987 (1990)  Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1991.

Graduated MAs:
Kay Vernon, Australian Surrealism (1999)
Eric Riddler,  Photoessay Books in Australia 1920s to early 1960s (1995)
Gordon Bull, Taking Place: Early Topological Landscape Views of Sydney 1788-c.1820 (1991) (joint)
Susan Hunt, Public Portrait Painting in Sydney 1900-1930 (1988)
Heather Johnson, Art patronage in Sydney 1890-1940 (1988)
Anna Waldman, Desiderius Orban, An Australian Romantic (1988)
Anne-Marie Willis, Writing Photographic History in Australia: Towards a Critical Account. (1987) Published Angus & Robertson 1989.